Our Facility

Cleaning Equipment

Watkins Grain has a variety of cleaning equipment, allowing us to perform precision cleaning for a multitude of commodities.

Packaging Equipment

Our facility is equipped with an automated packaging line, providing reliable weights and efficient product handling.

Warehouse Staging

Multiple warehouses are utilized for production and staging, allowing for streamlined logistics.

Quality Control

All inbound and outbound products are tested for quality control. Inbound product is tested by state of the art equipment. Outbound product is tested by Kansas Grain Inspection Service for official grading.

Grain Storage

Watkins Grain has extensive isolated storage options, allowing for multiple commodities and quality levels to remain separate, further improving our quality control.

Efficient Loading & Unloading

Our facility takes pride in efficient local logistics. We have multiple unload pits for local growers to bring in product, and three loading docks for outbound trucks or containers.