Our Products

White Proso Millet Watkins

Grain focuses on White Proso Millet for a worldwide market. We take pride in a clean, bright, high quality end product. Our millet is sold either in bulk, or large packages (20-25 kilograms).

Red Proso Millet

Along with our White Millet focus, Watkins Grain also offers Red Proso Millet. Many of our customers enjoy our option to ship both of these products together. Similar to the White Millet, we offer Red Millet in bulk or packages.

Black Oil Sunflowers

Black Oil Sunflowers have been a large domestic market that Watkins Grain has serviced in the past, and continues to do so today. We provide a precision cleaned product, that is offered in both bulk and 40 or 50 pound packages.

Flexible Commodity Processing

Our facility is furnished with state of the art equipment, capable of cleaning and processing a vast array of commodities. We are always interested in working with customers on alternative products, such as popcorn, sorghum, safflower, and others. Please contact us if you are interested in our cleaning and processing options.